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An overview of the general steps required in an installation process at Solar Stream

PV Solar energy installations on your home, the initial steps to converting to solar energy and reducing your electricity costs.

Installing a residential solar system can be a complex process that involves several steps and you should only consult professionals such as the residential team at Solar Stream. We don’t recommend trying to install your own solar system. Here is an overview of the general steps required in an installation process:

  • Conduct a site assessment: A professional solar installer from our team will conduct a site assessment to determine the best location for the solar panels and evaluate the structural integrity of your roof or the ground area. This is part of the initial survey.
  • Design the system: Our solar installation team will use the information from the site assessment to design a solar system that meets your energy needs. This will include determining the number and size of solar panels, as well as the type of inverter that will be used.
  • Obtain any necessary permits: Before installation can begin, you will need to obtain any necessary permits and approvals from your local government or changes to building regulations. We will advise of any paperwork if required.
  • Install the solar panels: The solar panels will be installed in the location determined by the site assessment. This may include mounting the panels to your roof or installing them on the ground.
  • Connect the system to the grid: The solar installation team will connect the system to the electrical grid, which will allow you to use the power generated by the panels and send any excess power back to the grid.
  • Monitor and maintain the system: Once the system is up and running, you will need to regularly monitor and maintain it to ensure it is running at peak performance. This will include cleaning the panels, checking for damage, and monitoring the system’s output.

It’s recommended to hire a professional solar installers such as ourselves who can guide and help you on the process and choose the right system for your property and arrange professional installation from our team. If you are interested in Residential Solar Systems or Business Solar Systems then please contact our friendly customer service team via to request a call back from our Derry office.

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